A few years back, my then girlfriend said to me that she was feeling unhappy with the way she looked and felt, and she was going on a diet. She had used a famous worldwide leader in dieting a couple of times before and she was going to use them again.

I said to her that if that is how she felt then she should go for it. Deep down though, I wondered why she would use this company again when she had used it twice before, lost weight but put it back on again. But, what did I know, she seemed to enjoy the program.

So, on the weekend, she went to the club, paid a weekly membership and got weighed. She was then given a target weight to achieve. She got the charts and the books and started on the plan. She would go each weekend and get weighed and she would come in with a big smile on her face and tell me how she had lost a couple of pounds this week. I was really pleased for her. Then she came in one day, unhappy saying she had put on a pound in weight and couldn't understand why. Next week, she was back to her happy self.

A couple of months went by, and she had lost a fair bit of weight. One night, she said to me that she had never felt so good about herself in years. She felt great, with more energy and I have to say she looked great. I said to her that this must be her  ideal weight. 

I was amazed by her response when she said that she had to lose another 10 pounds to meet her target weight! Even though she said she felt amazing, it wasn't enough.

This upset me, and I asked her, who she was losing weight for? Sadly, she wasn't interested and carried on with the diet.

This is one of the many reasons diets don't work. Yes, you will lose weight, but on whose terms? On their terms, of course.You pay a membership, then pay for their products. They didn't care that my girlfriend was feeling so good, why would they when she was paying her subscriptions?

Diets are limited in many ways , so a different approach is required for long term benefits. A more rounded approach is required, where you are in charge. Which is why Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle program is as good as any program out there. It moves away from 'weight loss' to 'FAT LOSS'! Tom is an undoubted expert in the field, and he will show how to adapt his program to your body shape and needs. 

Take a look at Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle program for the most comprehensive lifestyle changing program on the market.Take the 49 day challenge NOW for a new you! 250,000 people over 10 years can't be wrong.

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